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Starting in 2009, our commitment is to provide services and offer innovative solutions in the areas of Computing, Electric and Electronic Engineering.

Why choose Smotics?

We are a young and dynamic company, that invests on constant improvement and innovation, and delivers a professional job in order to address all our customer needs.

Making a perfect synergy between different specialties, we are committed to achieve all goals and ensure our customers receive the more adequate solution in the fields of Energy, Electronic Security, Computing and Home Automation.


Speciality Engineering Projects

Plan, Build, Remodel, Extend.

We provide consulting and elaborate projects in the specialties Electricity, Telecommunications, Gas and Safety.

When an Home Automation solution is planned from scratch, it becomes more efficient and economical. A project done accordingly will ensure the desired solution full operation without wasting resources.

Request a budget or see our price list.

Electrical Project:

- Price according to budget evaluation
- Electrical specs


ITED Project
ITED Certifications

On-site monitoring includes a detailed report with photos and responsability term.


Fire Safety Systems
Health and Safety Plan (PSS)
RCCTE Project


Gas ( with certification ):

LG1 – Family house
LG2 – Bi-Family house
LG3 – Multi-Family house + Nº Fogos
LG4 – Distribution Network + Branches
LG5 – Industrial Facilities, P <70kW
LG6 – Industrial Facilities, P > 70kW
LG7 – GPL Bottle Park
LG8 – GPL/GN Storage Facility<50m3 (Storage)
LG9 – GPL/GN Storage Facility> 50m3 (Storage)


• All values are subject to modification without further notice, a budget will allways be supplied when the order is made.
• The above values include 2 copies of the projects certified by an authorised entity.
• The timespan for the projects above may vary from 10 business days for L1, L2, L3, L5 and 15 business days for LG4,LG6, LG7.


• Necessary elements for the projects:

- Location Plants;

- Implementation and floor number of the property;

- Customer data (Name/Address/Tax Identification Number /council process number);

- Other Relevant data.