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Starting in 2009, our commitment is to provide services and offer innovative solutions in the areas of Computing, Electric and Electronic Engineering.

Why choose Smotics?

We are a young and dynamic company, that invests on constant improvement and innovation, and delivers a professional job in order to address all our customer needs.

Making a perfect synergy between different specialties, we are committed to achieve all goals and ensure our customers receive the more adequate solution in the fields of Energy, Electronic Security, Computing and Home Automation.



Our home automation solutions integrate security systems against intrusion and technical security, including:


Intruder Alarms:

As part of a growing concern about burglary, intrusion detection becomes a solution considering the protection of people and goods. Intrusion detectors are designed to detect intruders, activating the alarm or other programmed warning. The sensors can be volumetric, PIR, motion detectors, windows and doors assault, broken glass and infrared beams.

Technical alarms (flood, gas and smoke):

The technical alarms intended to detect gas leaks, smoke or water. Upon discovery of these anomalies, the system activates the alarm, or other type of communication, and closes the corresponding security valves.

Video Surveillance:

A video surveillance system can deter intruders because they were being filmed, but can also be useful to watch the children playing in the garden. This system can be configured for continuous recording or start recording only when it detects someone’s presence.

Simulation of presence:

While absent, the housing will simulate its presence through the intelligent control of lighting, the blinds and / or other devices.

Panic Button:

During the night, if you feel the presence of strangers or when some intrusion alert is triggered, you can turn all the lights (interior and exterior) from home, just by pressing a switch located in your room.

The security system can be configured to send notifications / alerts to your mobile phone.