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Starting in 2009, our commitment is to provide services and offer innovative solutions in the areas of Computing, Electric and Electronic Engineering.

Why choose Smotics?

We are a young and dynamic company, that invests on constant improvement and innovation, and delivers a professional job in order to address all our customer needs.

Making a perfect synergy between different specialties, we are committed to achieve all goals and ensure our customers receive the more adequate solution in the fields of Energy, Electronic Security, Computing and Home Automation.



Privacy and Treatment of Personal Data

Smotics Lda., within the scope of its services, regularly collects some personal data of its customers, partners and suppliers. Three examples of these personal data being their name, address and contacts.
Our position and commitment is to protect any personal information that you share with us, by respecting the norms addressed in the General Data Protection Regulation.
Thus, the following Data Privacy Protection Statement helps you understand how we collect, use and protect your personal data when you use our products or visit our websites.
You may additionally obtain any information about this Privacy Statement and treatment of Personal Data, simply by submitting your questions to:

Smotics, Lda
Estrada da Garganta, Quinta Saúde
8005-130 Faro
Algarve, Portugal

or to geral@smotics.pt

Data Privacy Protection Statement

Smotics intends to protect the privacy of its customers, partners and suppliers in the use of its products and services, as well as in the use of its websites.
On most Smotics websites, users can browse without the need for input of personal information. However, if you want to subscribe to our Newsletter, make applications or requests for information, it is necessary to register some of your personal information.
Hence, this Data Privacy Protection Statement aims to clarify how the collection, treatment and protection of personal data are carried out when you visit our website and/or make use of Smotics software and products.

Who is responsible for the treatment of data

The party responsible for the treatment of personal data is Smotics Lda.

Data Collection

Smotics Lda. respects the right to privacy of all its customers and partners and does not collect any kind of information without their prior knowledge and authorization.
In general, the personal data collected by Smotics Lda. are related to the name, address, telephone number, email and NIF (Tax Identification Number), but other personal data necessary for the supply of products or services may be collected.
Some of the personal data requested to the user are mandatory. Smotics promptly informs all users of the personal data required to enable the company to provide the requested information or services. We further inform that the incorrect supply of data is the sole responsibility of the customer/partner.

When Personal Data are collected and used

The personal data obtained from the Customer, usually arise from the request for information about Smotics products and services or the subscription to Newsletters. Thus, Smotics respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information from you without your prior consent.

Data Confidentiality, Security and Preservation

Data collected by Smotics are stored on your system and treated by the company in a secure and confidential manner. The company has technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, destruction or loss of collected data. Data treatment and access is restricted to Smotics employees/staff who carry out professional tasks that by their nature imply the intervention and/or management of the relationship of the company with the Data Owner. Personal data will be retained by Smotics during the required time of use and the respective data owners or subsidence of the purpose for which the data was collected. Once storage periods have expired, data shall be destroyed within an appropriate time.

What is the purpose of personal data collection

The personal data of our Customers are aimed to: the rendering and billing of services; the supply of information on Smotics products and services; the assessment of the contractual relation with the customer and marketing or telemarketing actions.
Your personal data will also be processed to answer your questions, suggestions and complaints.
It is worth mentioning that your data are protected and not made available to third parties without your prior authorization.

Data Transfer

Notwithstanding its confidentiality and proper handling, the Data Owner authorizes Smotics to transfer its data – those strictly necessary – to companies that work with it and that provide credit and risk analysis or insurance contracting services or services associated with the insurance business in general. Smotics will not trade any collected data with third parties.


The data owner authorizes Smotics to collect, process and use its personal data under the terms and for all purposes described in this form. The consent given to Smotics can be withdrawn at any time.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones by your browser.
Cookies are used by the vast majority of websites on the Internet, aiming to improve user experience and obtain analytical data.

What types of cookies are used on Smotics websites?

There are different types of cookies used on Smotics websites that provide the best browsing experience for users.
– Strictly Necessary Cookies: Strictly necessary cookies allow you to move around the website and use Smotics applications and services (such as secure/protected areas that are accessed only by Smotics administrators).
– Functionality Cookies: Functionality cookies ensure accessible and personalized web browsing, since they register user preferences regarding the use of the website. Saving user preferences will prevent the user from having to reconfigure the session at each website visit.
– Analytical Cookies: These cookies allow us to obtain aggregated data for statistical analysis and improvements of the website usability.
– Third Party Cookies: On Smotics websites, there are components that are made available by third parties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +) that use cookies other than the cookies managed by Smotics.
It is worth mentioning that some cookies on the website will be deleted from your device at the end of the browsing session (known as “session cookies”). Other types of cookies (“persistent cookies”) will remain on your computer and enable the user to be identified on their next visit to the website.

How can you block the use of cookies?

Your browser allows you to manage cookies in the setting options, and you may even block all Smotics cookies. However, blocking cookies from the Smotics website will affect your browsing experience.

Which entities can access the information collected by cookies?

The information obtained by cookies can only be accessed by Smotics or by companies that provide analytical data analysis services.

Marketing and telemarketing

In order to keep Customers informed of new products and services, Smotics may use the following means for this purpose: telephone, email, SMS or any other electronic communication service. This processing of personal data is only carried out, if the customer gives us proper consent.
In the Service Agreement proposal, you may choose not to authorize this type of treatment, or refuse at any time this type of communication, simply by submitting a request to:

Smotics, Lda
Estrada da Garganta, Quinta Saúde
8005-130 Faro
Algarve, Portugal

or to geral@smotics.pt