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Starting in 2009, our commitment is to provide services and offer innovative solutions in the areas of Computing, Electric and Electronic Engineering.

Why choose Smotics?

We are a young and dynamic company, that invests on constant improvement and innovation, and delivers a professional job in order to address all our customer needs.

Making a perfect synergy between different specialties, we are committed to achieve all goals and ensure our customers receive the more adequate solution in the fields of Energy, Electronic Security, Computing and Home Automation.


Wireless Home automation


Imagine you could control your home or office with a siple touch wherever you are. Now you can!
We have the first independent long-range two way digital wireless technology of the world.

Until today, home automation products were developed focused in new constructions. Due to the high installation costs and appliance limitations, Smotics can help closing the gap by offering quality products with wide-range automation capability, reliable and at a low cost.

You can even mantain your light switches, altough push-buttons are recommended, and add wireless monitoring and control devices without the need to break any walls or run wires.sys_center

Simplicity, Modern, saving and security, providing entertainment and comfort with a personalized solution, through a flexible, modular and expandable system.

Home automation market has 2 ranges:

» Low tech / low cost products
» High tech / high cost and complicated installation

Our wireless solution is a low price and high performance with 2-way communication and easy to install, control and expand. Perfectly design to fit new or old constructions, the technology is focused in controling using a low data-rate data transfer, reducing costs and power consumption.

Wireless technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, WiMax, RFID etc) are a tendency in the modern world thanks to their flexibility and mobility.

Available Home automation systems are traditionally based on star, bus or ring topologies Because of the structural features, these systems have a range limitation and cover area, demanding the use of repeaters or even cables.


Our solution is a powerful and innovative home automation tool with low consumption and pioneer because it uses a “bee hive” topology where every device is interconnected wirelessly and in a redundant way, ensuring a wide cover, free from obstacles.
Ideal for new instalations or retrofit.

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