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Starting in 2009, our commitment is to provide services and offer innovative solutions in the areas of Computing, Electric and Electronic Engineering.

Why choose Smotics?

We are a young and dynamic company, that invests on constant improvement and innovation, and delivers a professional job in order to address all our customer needs.

Making a perfect synergy between different specialties, we are committed to achieve all goals and ensure our customers receive the more adequate solution in the fields of Energy, Electronic Security, Computing and Home Automation.



Lighting and outlets:

You can remotely control all the lighting and / or outlets of your home, close all lights with only one button and activate lighting through motion or crepuscular sensors .



Allows the automation system to communicate with the air conditioning equipment, making the environment more pleasant. Depending on several factors, such as whether or not we are at home, whether it is day or night, the system adapts the temperature of each division in order to maximize energy efficiency.


Allows remote control of blinds, centralized control of several blinds with only one button and blind control via light or crepuscular sensors.


Sound Diffusion:
A sound diffusion system allows you to create relaxing scenarios, as well as the possibility of using the system for notifications and alarm alerts and even promote the integration with video intercom. After the trigger of a technical alarm, the system can alert you with an audible warning so you can quickly go to the area of ​​the anomaly without having first to go to control panel to see what is the affected area.


Scenarios Design:
You can design custom scenarios suited to the moment or to your state of mind through the control with one several elements button. When it comes to Scenarios Design, your imagination is the limit!

Examples of scenarios (with the push of a button):

  • Home-Cinema: The ceiling lights turn off, the light from the wall lamps turn on with 50% of the intensity and the blinds are closed.
  • Romantic Dinner: The dining room ceiling light brightens with 20% intensity, the lamps turn on with a light red color and sound environment is automatically turned in your favorite music.
  • Rushed Departure: You are leaving home and you do not remember if all the blinds closed or if you left some lights on. You can turn off all lights and lower the blinds all of your home with the push of a button located near the exit or through a remote control, if you’re already outside your home.